What do dating couples talk about

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What do dating couples talk about

Garry Pelton was nervous to talk with his girlfriend.

Not that anything was wrong; in fact, Pelton was considering asking her to marry him.

“Don’t have a talk about how each of you approaches money until later in the relationship — when you are considering being a couple, when you think of yourself as a ‘we’ and want your friends and/or family to meet this person,” Orbuch adds.

Pelton followed this advice to a T, albeit unwittingly.

Their big money conversation confirmed his impressions, and the two devised a plan for splitting expenses if and when she moves into Pelton’s condo: He’ll continue paying the mortgage, utilities and condo fees, and she’ll cover groceries, gas and maintenance expenses.

It is no secret that love relationships change over time..how does this effect the topics couples need to be talking about?

Then again, Reese was especially maniacal about his finances.

He once canceled an weekend vacation his wife planned because it was over their budget, causing her to cry.“The second or third date is too early,” Orbuch counters.

One night she remarked that she loved visiting Japan, but only did when she could afford it, giving him the impression she saved for what she wanted. That would have been overstepping my boundaries or being too forward.“The biggest obstacle in a relationship is talking about finances.

For Pelton, a 25-year-old University of Northern Florida student who previously served in the U. Navy, the time for the talk was five months ago — a full two years into his relationship. His girlfriend shared his belief in living frugally.

And he was prepared to walk away from the relationship if his girlfriend had a flippant attitude toward personal finance. But many would say Pelton’s money talk came dangerously late in the relationship.

Healthy couples talk about many subjects during the life span of their relationship and the content of those conversations change from when you are dating to the senior years of your relationship.

Love relationships, like people, undergo stages of development.

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Personal finance personality Suze Orman advises having the discussion the relationship gets serious, whenever the hell that is.

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