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Vistual online sex games

There were MANY more makers at the MMF and of course they had the TOTALLY AWESOME "The Electric Giraffe! On the 4th of October we have the Mini Maker Faire which is being held for the first time in Riverside, CA. There needs to be about another 30 hours in a week. Have a GREAT MONTH and See you at the Robot Expo in Riverside, CA in October! I've been working on the upcoming Riverside Robot Expo 2014 and it's going to be a BLAST! ____________________________________________________July is here in S. It was a nice break, although I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't spend one minute designing or programming any robots. I've added a couple of new articles this month and will go back to adding at least one new one per week. We hit nearly 100 degrees this month and it is currently in the 90s. I got into a traffic accident(the Robovan is busted!And then, on the 11th of October is our own Riverside Robot Expo where I will be exhibiting more than 20 robots! This year we will be hosting a FIRST event and "to the death" robot battles! The first article is on a local hospital's use of the da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery system. ____________________________________________________JUNE and here in S. ), taught people how to build a line following robot, gave a lecture on robotics to my daughter's grade-school class (with help from club friends Kim and Sue-THANKS! working on getting my "hoverboard" to run remotely so that I can put Robot Betty9 on it and let her run it.CLICK HERE TO READ HIS LATEST BLOG THE CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ROBOTICS (CIR), THE VERY FIRST COLLEGE of ROBOTICS ENGINEEERING, WILL OPEN in the SUMMER of 2016.If you would like to compete or know someone who would like to compete, just send me an email. This is the April 2014 issue of Robots and Androids! ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our fifth Arduino C class. That and cake and cookies and lots of chocolates made it a GREAT meeting.____________________________________________________April is here and my Makerbot 3D SCANNER ARRIVED!!!! We also had a large number of people from the "Metal Ducks" FIRST club come and join us.A new engineering college, called the California Institute of Robotics will be opening soon! This college sounds like it is a college that WE WOULD WANT TO ATTEND.This new college, with it's emphasis on robotics, will open its doors for business in Summer of this year. It starts with robotics and artificial intelligence and goes on to animatronics and mechatronics and continues through medical and automotive robotics.

(and robots are being designed and built all across the world! The Robotics Society of Southern California made FANTASTIC contributions to it both in unbelievable prizes such as a Boe Bot kit, as well as bringing MANY, MANY robots and the ROBOT SMACKDOWN to our humble robot expo.The head of the company, Elon Musk, has put the excitement back into the space age! It's no bigger than my palm, runs about 5 minutes on a charge and is way too much fun!Lookout NASA, you might just become yesterday's news! The TV show “Biggest Nerd” has asked me if I know of any bright young (over 18) robot builders to compete on the show. At our Riverside Robotics Society, we had a great Christmas event with Santabot doing all his "Ho, ho, ho's" and Robot Betty9 singing Christmas carols.)To go a bit off-topic, did you happen to see the newest "Dragon 2" space capsule? They just sit in my garage for a year, get dusted off and put on display for a day. (Yeah, another one.) I'm thinking about how cool it would be to reenact Star Wars battles in ACTUAL OUTER SPACE.It was displayed, for the first time a few days back. Perhaps after I retire I can start a travelling robot circus. ---I attended the FRC competition in Perris High School. Now, placing a real X-Wing into orbit might cost a lot more than I can afford, but how about a 1/10 scale R/C "robot" with a first person POV camera that could be controlled from Earth? I read that it costs 10 thousand dollars to put a kg into low earth orbit. --Thomas This is the January issue of Robots and Androids!

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According to the promo video, it is designed to land with RETRO ROCKETS, leaving parachutes and ocean landings seeming so old fashioned and so 1960s! --Thomas This is the March issue of Robots and Androids! ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our third Arduino C class. ---At our Riverside Robotics Society, I taught our second Arduino C class. If I put a scaled x-wing, a ti-fighter, a death star and two cameras, It might only cost about $30,000. ____________________________________________________I hope you were all good little boy and girl robot builders and got all the robot kits, servos, microcontrollers, and 3D printers that you asked Santabot for!