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Sunday night slow jams dating site

We know that trying to use your phone while you drive is lethal.There is now plenty of research to back up what our own common sense told us in the first place – you cannot use a phone and drive safely at the same time.Diesel can take up to 100 days to break down so can remain on the road surface for a long time, often reappearing only during rain.. Promote education at haulage companies, drivers, farmers, bus companies, petrol filling stations etc.about the problems caused by overfilling, poorly fitted fuel caps and poorly maintained vehicles - all of which can lead to diesel spillage. There is national recognition amongst motorists and rider groups that diesel spills are a very real issue and it’s in this context that we are trying to make progress in our own region.The road safety Office of Mayo County Council urges motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to "spring forward" safely when Daylight-Saving Road users should be aware that sunrise will occur one hour later, meaning that it will be darker later in the morning.

It’s just a fact, and this is one time of the year that the Road Safety team believe provides an opening to appeal to young male drivers and urge them to heed the dangers inherent in driving.’A road collision can result in devastating emotional and physical trauma for drivers and their passengers, their families and loved ones.

Mr Noel Gibbons road safety Officer said The Valentine’s campaign is targeted primarily at young male drivers.

Statistics show that this group is involved in more road traffic collisions than any other category of driver.

“I think this is an excellent idea, as well as the road hazards associated with diesel /oil spills, they also pose a very real and serious threat to the environment.

Spilt diesel if not very quickly controlled can make its way onto land and into watercourses where it poses a serious threat to habitats and wildlife: with a little more care by motorists we could very easily eliminate this threat.” .

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It is one of the silliest ways to get penalty points but more seriously it is a gamble with your own and other people’s lives. Irish people love their phones more than most and if it rings you are very tempted to answer it.