Star trek dating system

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Star trek dating system

Jonathan Frakes, director and Commander Riker: Sherry Lansing, who ran Paramount at the time, said to Rick Berman, "I'll leave this in your hands because you know this franchise." Alfre Woodard, Lily Sloane: We are the same age, but I'm Jonathan Frakes' godmommy. We are like 22, and we would sit around and pool our money for chicken and beer and other things.

It was a big gang of us and we would just crash at each other's apartments.

The episode begins with a great shot of a close up shot of the matter synthesis device in Burnham’s quarters as it is replicating a Starfleet uniform.

Paramount didn't really spend a lot on those movies. At the beginning, when the Enterprise comes in and the Borg are attacking Earth and there's a huge fleet battle, that got way cut back.It proved to be a wise choice, with Frakes commanding respect and affection from the cast and crew and utilizing his TV director's ability to make the budget look much bigger than it was.When is still in theaters and screenwriters Ronald D.Besides silly and bawdy conversations with Jonathan, we also had poignant conversations, and I was talking about what my godmother meant to me.His eyes were moist and he said, "I don't have a godmother." I said, "Are you kidding?

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The message, which Burnham views at the end of the episode, hearkens back to other Star Trek characters, such as Tasha Yar, who did the same.

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