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Non validating xml

Starting with version 2.0, there is full support for the Unicode versions of Delphi (2009 and later).

The library is now named Lib Xml Parser so you can distinguish between versions 1 and 2.

The material in this section is based on the XML Specification.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the constructs that appear in XML; it provides an introduction to the key constructs most often encountered in day-to-day use.

The Unicode character set can be encoded into bytes for storage or transmission in a variety of different ways, called "encodings".

The W3C's XML 1.0 Specification It is a textual data format with strong support via Unicode for different human languages.

Although the design of XML focuses on documents, the language is widely used for the representation of arbitrary data structures such as those used in web services.

XML includes facilities for identifying the encoding of the Unicode characters that make up the document, and for expressing characters that, for one reason or another, cannot be used directly.

extends the set of allowed characters to include all the above, plus the remaining characters in the range U 0001–U 001F.

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