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Located in the western slopes of the Golan, it belongs to the sub district of Masada. It was established over three villages, Dora, Shqef, Qazarin.It was done in order to encourage more Israelis to settle in the Golan and it was seen as the centre point for goods and services. It contains all the infrastructure of the orginial town.It was a business center and many people travelled to the markets there.Some of its ruing are still standing, including its mosque and minaret. (photos available)Irrigated from the spring water of Neba Al Baluoa. (no photographs available)In 1973 the israeli prime minster built katzrin settlement.These villages had a lot of Families, the biggest family was the Thiabat family.The name Dir Darra is taken from a particular tree that are native to this area.

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People built hedges around their homes with these aromatic plants and make herbal medicines. (photos available of the construction of the settlement)Houses in the area were built with white limestone, it was a place of mixed faith where Christians and Muslims lived. Islamic families, El Ras Family, Tahaa, Zghlol, Hmaduy.

The Christian family of Farah, Jbara, Abu Samara and Tuama. It was the first village to have an elementary school in the early 1900s in the Golan settlement replaced the village of Rijm Al Yacusa.

(four photos available)It had an elementary and secondary school.

Its houses were built of black volcanic stone and some had European style roofing.

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1976 570 Agriculture- apple, plum, mango, pears, passiflora, tomatoes, corn, wheat, cotton; vineyards (Golan Heights Winery) poultry, dairy (second largest herd in Israel as of 2007), partners with Kinar resort village on the Sea of Galilee; tourism and accommodation 1976 232 Tourism and accommodation, agriculture