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You may think it’s mean, not to be speaking to someone at Christmas – but the reality is that it’s not.It’s okay to not engage with someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.There will be pain ahead particularly if you feel drawn like a moth to a flame but with time and a refocus on you and the other people in your life, comes freedom. Jesus baby, HR Personnel, Freelance Makeup Artist, Fashionista, Introvert/Extrovert (yes who says I can’t be both) I love to cook yasss food is bae!Better to give yourself the gift of freedom this Christmas than the gift of pain in the butt. waffles, coffee, coco cola and you have my attention.

If you’re broken up with someone, and doing the ‘no contact’ rule and you’re finding yourself tempted to make contact, it suggests that whilst you’re not ‘physically’ making contact, mentally you’re still very much embroiled in what you think you both had.

"I really don't know because I want to keep my family safe, but to what lengths am I willing to go?

I don't know until we're in that situation...until I was living in a place that was so dangerous, that that was the only way to keep people safe," Warren said.

"I think that's a different world than I live in right now." When it comes to assault weapons, Americans are largely split along the same lines as Tony and Warren.

found while there is strong bipartisan support for background checks for all gun buyers, Americans are torn on whether gun violence represents a crisis -- Democrats are three times as likely as Republicans to see it that way -- and near evenly divided on whether to ban assault weapons.

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You’re still focusing on him/her rather than on you.

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  1. “It’s not that families are better off, the thing is that families have waited for the sales to buy things they couldn’t buy before,” said Gustavo Samayoa, chairman of the Independent Consumers Federation.