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Motorhelmets online dating

The two helmets are also equipped with onboard video cameras, FM radios, and an intercom system that allows hands-free communication with other riders.

Buy one now from: Amazon Sena The Life Beam Smart Helmet is another option that has gone out of production but can still be found on Amazon.

Built-in bone conduction speakers transfer sound directly through your ear bones (weird, right? The included smart remote and mount snaps easily onto your handlebars and can control volume, playback, and phone calls, while the inclusion of a wind-resistant precision microphone means you can have conversations on the go.

Like the Livall Bling, there’s also a gyroscopic SOS sensor that automatically notifies emergency contacts in the event of a collision.

Built for cycling at night, the helmet is outfitted with turn signals in both the front and rear, which are linked to a handlebar remote that boasts several months of battery life.

Automatic brake lights are also included, though these drain the helmet’s juice pretty quickly — but they can be turned off.

Here, we’ve scoured the market to find the coolest helmets and accessories, all of which are available now or are currently in development.

Whether you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, read on to see if any of them might be a good fit for you.

Once the stuff of science fiction, smart helmets are now a very real product, bringing built-in microphones, speakers, rear-facing cameras, and other features with them.

The best smart helmets combine several of these gizmos to make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable.

Helmets may still be the bane of many a haircut but they remain a crucial part of any rider’s wardrobe.

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A windbreak microphone and Bluetooth speaker even allow for hands-free calling.