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At the same time, they are producing some unintended consequences in terms of reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes.

Anderson: Your freshman year at the Philadelphia High School for Girls, an all-girls public magnet for academically gifted students, is compared to “serving time in prison,” a characterization I found peculiar as a graduate of Girls’ High.

The disputes pitting ardent supporters against fervent detractors have done little to dampen popularity, however.

Williams: I’m pretty sure I would have experienced some measure of adolescent angst no matter where I went to school, and looking back, I think it would be a real mistake to conclude that it was because I happened to attend an all-girls [high school] as opposed to a coed one.

By the same token, I suspect that many people who flourished in single-sex environments would have had an equally rewarding experience at a coed school.

In the years following the landmark Supreme Court ruling, the prejudice driving the retreat from coeducational public schools was even more flagrant …

amidst racist panic about the inevitability of young white women and young black men forming social bonds across racial lines.

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