Katie dating bites 2 hot sex

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Katie dating bites 2 hot sex

But Scotty hit the headlines again on Tuesday after saying the fact that Katie is married 'wouldn't stop' her sleeping with him.'She's a lovely girl, I've not seen her recently but I would get in touch with her,' she told The Sun.'She's fit! Write that I think she's fit and I totally would s**g her.'When reminded that Katie was married to husband Kieran Hayler, the cheeky 29-year-old replied: 'Yeah that wouldn't stop her!He captioned it: 'Chilling back at the villa.' The PDA-packed displays come amid reports Katie is deliberately pushing Kieran 'to the brink' so that he will quit their marriage - meaning she can cash in on a series of post-divorce interviews and magazine deals.'It's becoming clear Katie's increasingly unhappy in her marriage and is looking for a get -out clause to end things without appearing like the bad one,' a source told Closer magazine.'She seems to be pushing Kieran to the brink so that he'll leave her and she can then ride the wave of being the poor victim left at home with five kids to look after,' the source added.The claims about Katie and Kieran's reportedly rocky marriage comes after her rumoured one-time fling Scotty T said she was 'fit'.Katie and the Geordie Shore star set tongues wagging after they were pictured leaving a hotel in Newcastle last October.'She has said she doesn't trust him and can't see them having a future together.' Katie and Kieran married in the Bahamas in January 2013, just a few short months after they first met.The couple have two children together – three-year-old Jett Riviera Hayler and two-year-old Bunny Hayler.

She's trying to catch him out all the time to see if she can find an excuse to end the marriage,' the source added.

A source told The Sun: 'The marriage is essentially over.

Pals are speaking openly about the fact she plans to end things officially soon.

Other sources claimed Katie risks financial ruin as she is reportedly spending tens of thousands of pounds - despite her companies allegedly banking less than £100,000.

She is allegedly spending £10,000 a month to maintain the family home she shares with Kieran and her five children - as well as expensive gifts for her relatives, Now magazine claimed.

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