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The other support tool is the Help Desk support tool.The Helpdesk support tool allows helpdesk agents or other IT support to restore a backup of a user settings archive.In fact, I'll go so far as to say that it's how open source should work.Okay, I confess that I deliberately wrote that to be a bit over the top.At the same time, Linux is still open to alternatives and replacements for glibc.For example, the kernel developers haven't said that glibc is the only supported standard C library or ignored backwards compatibility with user space if glibc could paper over the cracks.This can include things like setting up network drives and printers, Horizon Smart Policies to control various Horizon features, and acting as a Group Policy replacement for per-user settings.

These are the main questions that come up from an infrastructure and architecture perspective, and they influence how the UEM file shares and Group Policy objects will be configured.VMware User Environment Manager, or UEM for short, is one of a few 3rd-party user environment management tools that can provide a lighter-weight solution than Roaming Profiles.UEM can manage both the user’s personalization of the environment by capturing Windows and application settings as well as apply settings to the desktop or RDSH session based on the user’s context.(Okay, there's also politics, personalities, and sometimes licensing.Linux has never been an antiseptic and purely technical place, not that the BSDs have been either.) Given that Linux has several graphical desktops (with libraries and a collection of programs) and religious wars over init systems, there's no obvious reason why we wouldn't also have multiple competing standard C libraries.

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The agent consumes these configuration files from the configuration share during logon and logoff, and it saves the application or Windows settings configuration when the application is closed or when the user logs off, and it stores them on the user data share as a ZIP file.

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