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Japanese high school dating game

Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka (Father)Kotoko Fujioka (Mother, deceased)Tamaki Suoh (Friend→Boyfriend→Husband) Yuzuru Suoh (Acquaintance→Father-in-Law)Anne-Sophie de Grantaine (Acquaintance→Mother-in-Law) Shizue Suoh (Acquaintance→Grandmother-In-Law) Unnamed future Child(ren) Haruhi Fujioka (藤岡 ハルヒ, Fujioka Haruhi) is the main character of the Ouran High School Host Club series.

She is a highly intelligent 1st-year student from a middle-class family ("poor" and "common" in the eyes of Ouran students) who attends Ouran Academy on scholarship based upon an entrance exam.

As she is required to remain first in her class to keep her scholarship, her studies are very important to her.

Two characteristics that define Haruhi are her straightforward nature and her belief that one's gender doesn't define one's choices.

Her father, Ryoji, doesn't give much thought to her clothing, although the anime suggests he tries to feminize her with girly clothing purchases.

You will love every second of HD full-length adult experiments.Haruhi is born under the star sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.The positive traits of this sign are honesty, curiosity, innovation and amiability; the negative traits being inconsistency, disinclination, detachment, deviation tendencies and inefficiency.Haruhi is sometimes likened to her deceased mother, Kotoko; this resemblance is particularly notable when she dresses up as a female during some of the Host Club's schemes and events.Her true gender is revealed in the manga just before she leaves to study abroad and though most of the students are initially disbelieving, they soon accept and embrace the truth.

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Her female clients often comment on her large and shiny eyes, likening them to a girl's; the shininess actually caused by contact lenses.

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