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Communications officer Carmen Bryce concurs that their largest demographic is young students.

However, the service is also popular with clients who have mobility issues and "new mothers who can't leave the house".

He did not cause them himself," said Yang Biqiu, an 83-year-old visitor.

Indeed the depth of feeling stirred up by the anniversary is enough to concern the authorities, who have been monitoring internet chat rooms used by Maoists and tapping their mobile phones.

"In the first 30 years of Mao, there was free education, free healthcare, housing and everyone had a job.

Since the reform period came, the income gap has only widened," she said.

Also professing an admiration for Margaret Thatcher, she saw no contradiction in her love of Chairman Mao and her growing wealth. "We simply want to give people good, well-priced food.

"He taught us to love our country and to pay taxes. If he came back today he would be thrilled to see the village so prosperous." Mrs Tang's family lived across the village pond from the Mao household and had intermarried, she said.

But the villagers, and the busloads of Maoists flocking to Shaoshan, many of them accessorising their designer clothes and i Phones with green revolutionary army caps, are finding it difficult to contain their enthusiasm.The photograph now has pride of place in her restaurant, and even appears on her business cards."My grandmother helped deliver Chairman Mao and wash him," she added.In 1959, when Mao returned to Shaoshan, she posed with him for a photograph that would help make her fortune. He had been away since 1927 fighting the revolution and it was only natural that he was homesick."He went to see his family home and then he crossed over to the other side of the pond to pay respects to our house too.

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Cast in solid gold, and sitting on a metre-tall jade plinth, the statue has awed some visitors to kowtow before it in reverence.

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