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This helps explain some of the curious practices in the Old Testament.For example, the punishment for the a man who slept with an unbetrothed woman was marriage without the possibility of divorce and the payment of a large bride price (Deuteronomy -29), because the only person who could legally marry the woman was the man who shed her blood.This also explains why women like Tamar, who were raped and didn’t marry the rapist, didn’t get remarried to anyone (2 Samuel 13).There are other interesting implications of this type of contract. She was supposed to marry a close relative of her first husband.

There is a remnant of this kind of covenant still around today when people cut their thumbs to become “blood brothers.” The covenant of marriage was sealed in blood as well.

Her second marriage did not have the same legal weight as the first marriage.

Her first son was legally the son of her first husband, the one with whom she shed blood, and not the second husband, the biological father (Deuteronomy 25).

Sarah demands that her husband have sex with her servant (Genesis 16). In Judges, we see a man throw his concubine out to a crowd to be gang raped to death (Judges 19).

Afterward, he chops her body into pieces and sends them around Israel (Judges 19).

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People assume that by adopting courtship, they are adopting a traditional value system, and, in doing so, they are getting back to the “good old days.” Is Modern Courtship really a traditional system?