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Dating service for people with disabilities

Each learning task is introduced, one step at a time. Once the student has mastered one step, the next step is introduced.

It is hoped that future community history projects will grow out of the collaboration between the service and Cliffe Castle Park and Museum.It’ll also help to extend their social interaction.“We’re hugely grateful to Norman, Mick and the gardening team from the Cellar Project and Shipley College, and to Dan Palmer Heritage Officer and Dave Bennison Technical Officer for Cliffe Castle Parks, for undertaking this project.For example, there are several ways to teach the concept of gravity. Third, teachers can ask students directly experience gravity by performing an exercise.The students might be asked to jump up (and subsequently down), or to drop a pen.

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The restoration was carried out as part of major improvement work in the entire park using £4.5 million of Heritage Lottery Fund and Bradford Council cash.