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He became the first catholic emperor (being it at only at the very end of his life, on his deathbed in 336).Forged document (known as the Donatio Constantini) were a few hundred years later used to prove that he donated his palace in Rome, his imperial insignia and all of his authority over the western part of his Empire, including the city of Rome and all of Italy and the islands to the West.They soon had properties exceeding the size of their kings, they were running out of options to pay their war lords and this became a critical part of the demise of the Mervingoian Empire.The kings still had a symbolic function but in reality since around 650 they didn’t have any real power anymore.Constantine would keep the eastern Empire for himself (Byzantium).According to this forged document special secular powers were given to the pope.The Franks were situated below the main rivers with Nijmegen the boarder town, further to the east the Saxons held power.

In Oss there is some evidence of occupation on the Heuvel and also to the south where the iron age and Roman farmlands were, we do see some occupational evidence again (The Mun).

While there are certain reference to this , so far no firm evidence of exact locations or estate names are known.

With the arrival of the Carolingians a change to the land payments system was introduced.

Many of these estates grew into important domains and allowed these new elites to built their power base around their own court (curtis), often from the remnants of the positions of the ‘comes civiatates’ – the military district commanders of the late Roman cities- these rulers became known as counts.

But when they received greater autonomy the moved their power bases to the rural areas such as the fertile valleys of the rivers Maas and Mosel, where they owned many farming estates and mixed with the large indigenous landowners.

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During the Merovingian period wealth was still based on plunder but increasingly war lords were paid in land.

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