Dating advice 4 secrets to a spectacular relationship

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In addition, I became aware of a sense that I was a "Waters" paternal family background was the only "roots" I had. The man I identified as my grandfather had died 20 years before I was born.

I only recently have shared these feelings with my two sisters..themselves expressed a similar kind of pre-occupation that "special times" were just not as we seemed to want them to be. My feelings about "family" were very much influenced by my knowledge of mother's orphan experience.

When World War II ended, a lot of things changed once again for a great many families..mine moved back to Galveston.

The only association I would eventually have with Corsicana later in my youth, were the "Labor Day" and "Memorial Day" trips we seemed to make each year, almost as a ritual.

A story that would not be learned until after her death, over 80 years later.

Constance Pearl Rea was born to her sharecropper parents, Myron and Nona on December 15, 1907 on their farm in northwestern Van Zandt County, Texas, in an area called the "Rocky Point Community", northeast of Wills Point.

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Mother told of only being able to obtain drinking water by dipping her hands in the toilet.