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Pao Lung-Sing, a descendant of the famous Judge Pao Ching Tient, is a 9th degree corrupt judge (lowest degree) who changes his tune when he tries to champion a woman Chi Siu-Lin, who was ...

Films like these can easily be cheesy and resulting in the audience laughing at the filmmaker and actors alike, but somehow Wu manages to switch this around and created something relevant, smart and sexy enough to satisfy a broader audience base.

With the help of Jing, Frankie has the opportunity of camping with his crush Zoey, and spending time alone with her, during which he loses his virginity to her...

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Sama jugak ingredientsnya, takdak heh sume minyak2 tuh.

My routine was not the same as before, most of the days akak sampai rumah hanya selepas 9.30 malam.


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