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Eli Finkel, a Social Psych professor at Northwestern.

I knew as I hit the send button that I’d never hear from her again. I tried to play it straight, using my profile to tell the wonderful women of the 5280 who I was as best I could – what I do for a living, what I do for fun, what my interests are, and so forth. My experience, though, has begun to make me feel like an untouchable.Mississippi - HB 1523(Became law April 5, 2016): Allows government officials and businesses to deny services to gay couples wishing to get married.8.Tennessee - HB 1840/SB 1556(Became law April 27, 2016): Allows those providing professional services to deny those services based on religious beliefs.9.Also, I’m picky as hell (when you’re educated to the doctoral level, for instance, you’re going to be looking for someone with significant intelligence).And there are plenty of things about me guaranteed to cause daily match surfers to lunge for the “next” button – as in, we know that a substantial percentage of American women don’t find bald guys attractive, period. Since there’s nothing I can do about some of these things (short of leaving Denver and joining Hair Club), I decided to go straight at the issue as best I could. Here’s how I began: The great thing about Match is the chance to meet women I might never encounter otherwise.

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Recently I was e-mailed, via Match.com, by an attractive woman (to the extent that profile pictures can be trusted, anyway) named Kathleen.